Plan the Sailing Adventure in Seychelles with These Expert Tips

Plan the Sailing Adventure in Seychelles with These Expert Tips

Here’s how to pull it off in few essential steps to plan your luxury sailing holiday in Seychelles.

Take Provisioning Seriously

One of the most daunting tasks for long-distance boating is figuring out–in advance–what to eat. But as every adventure-boater knows, there’s nothing like enjoying a killer dinner on deck in the middle of nowhere. Since food always tastes better outside, it’s worth planning so you’ll have the right stores (provisions) on hand. For a month-long journey, count how many dinners you’ll need, then plan a rotation. Boneless chicken thighs, fresh fish cut into fillets, and steaks all freeze well. Remove them from their individual packaging, divide them into portions of two, then wrap each in freezer paper. Frozen, your entrees compress, taking up little space in your boat’s ice box. Don’t forget to label what’s what!

Get Smart About Water

On longer trips to remote locations, water is an ongoing challenge. Many boaters bite the bullet and install a water maker, but they’re expensive and require vigilance. Without a water-maker, you can fill up your tanks at marinas with potable water. When that’s not an option, you must be extra vigilant: know exactly how many gallons of water your tank carries and watch it like a hawk. By conserving water, using jugs of backup, and catching rainwater you should be able to go three to four weeks without replenishing. Whenever possible, use saltwater for cooking (it works well for veggies but not pasta); boiling-hot, it can also be used for washing dishes, followed by a freshwater rinse.

Makes Lists and More Lists

This also seems obvious, but it’s the key to being prepared. We have boating lists whittled down to essentials and update them each season: packing lists, provisioning lists, parts lists, boat-project lists.

Pack a Variety of Entertainment

It takes a few days to decompress. But once you do, one of the best things about being on the water is how time miraculously expands. Suddenly, you find your fractured attention deepening. Without distractions, you discover you can not only read that book you keep setting aside–but also lots more books. Even non-readers have reading superpowers on a sailboat! Bring more books than you think you’ll need, as well as a small portable speaker for listening to music, a deck of cards for cocktail hour, and any other travel-size games you enjoy.

Stash a Well-Stocked Medical Kit

It’s essential to carry a good first-aid kit. You can buy ready-made nautical kits or assemble your own. If you choose the latter, be sure to include waterproof bandages, burn relief gel, sterile skin and eye washes, aspirin, Benadryl, and anti-itch creams for bites.
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